GoodJob Goods

GoodJob Goods
Sujin Osatarayakul’s GoodJob offers a wide range of well made leather and paper products targeted to the creative professional and those willing to pay a bit more for something original and of good quality. It’s a Thailand brand which is reflected in both the amazing aesthetic and the incredible value they represent.
During a recent visit to their showroom in Bangkok I picked up a great leather passport wallet. It came with a number of different closing mechanisms but I chose the simple strap that hooks on to the metal knob (I can’t think of better way to describe it). I’m hoping it will hold up to constant use as I think it’s an attractive device for closing a wallet like this. It’s very well made.
Also on display were attractive journals, portfolios, address books, beautiful sketchpads, cases and a small selection of supplies for designers working with traditional media. Good Job got started by selling supplies and tools to architects and designers. They can also made products to your specifications.
Their online catalogue is a bit odd as you need to download and fill-out a registration form to view their catalogue but I’ve included a couple photos of the passport folio in lieu of some professional product photography.
On their their web site there is an interesting video on the about page which provides insight into both the company and their creative process.
The GoodJob Showroom is located on the 4th floor of the Siam Discovery Center.