The Mojito Wallet

The Mojito Wallet
Downsize your wallet. I ditched my large handmade wallet years ago for a Jimi and while it’s worked amazingly well there are times I wish I had a wallet with more style; a wallet with the style and confidence that would allow it to work with my ubiquitous jeans or those increasingly rare times I wear more formal slacks.
Enter Malcolm Fontiers Mojito Wallet. The Mojito holds up to 4 cards in its main pocket with an elastic strap to keep them secure. The side pocket is designed to store your cash but I think I would try to keep that in the main compartment and use this pocket for business cards or train passes.
The Mojito is made from Polyurethane which I don’t usually get too excited about but I think it works well in this case. I have Malcolm’s Diplomat which uses some synthetic fabric over canvas and it works very well. For a wallet it should be great.
Great wallet at a great price.
Malcolm Fontier’s other products are worth checking out, his great design sense is evident through-out all of his products and collateral.
The Mojito Wallet.