10 Things To Consider Before You Book A Thai Holiday

So you want to travel to Thailand?

While people all over the world have different dreams and aspirations, for a number of years one of the more popular ideal destinations for the global nomad has been Thailand. One of the more culturally diverse and visually stunning countries in the entire world – and it doesn’t hurt that it is the gem of Southeast Asia and enjoys all of those warm Indian Ocean weather conditions – there are a handful of things you need to realize about going to Thailand before jump on an airplane.

Do a bit of research before you even consider making the trip

One of the worst things that can happen – and it’s happened to me more the times then I’d like to admit – is that I hear all of these incredible stories about someone’s trip to a faraway land and get wrapped up in the moment, never really considering whether or not I’m looking for the same kind of experience. And while this can be an incredible mental exercise, the fact of the matter is that it has brought me to countries and locations I will never return to.

Just because it seems like everyone else is jumping on the Thailand bandwagon – and my personal opinion is that it is one of the truly unique and ideal destinations on the globe – doesn’t mean that you’re going to have the same kind of awesome time. Make sure that you look into all of the different attractions, investigate different travel journals from a diverse group of people and then make an independent decision about whether or not you are going to want to see all that Thailand has to offer.

Thai Woman, Thai Flowers & Thai Culture

Many men love Thailand as it has a reputation for cheap raunchy nightlife and that is all they care about, they fail dismally to have any knowledge of what is really going on around them. There is so much different culture to soak up in Thailand, it is almost unbelievable for the typical westerner on their first visit. I spend most of my travels exploring the huge amount of botanical and flowering gardens in Thailand, they are also great for photographers. It is ideally suited for these due to its warm moist climate. Thailand has over 1200 species of orchids that are show cased in these amazing gardens, most of the venues are also free entry and subsidized by the Thai Royal Family.

Lockup accommodations before you touch down

There are a handful of sites and different travel gurus out there that promote this kind of fly by the seat of your pants world travel and though it can be tremendously exciting the fact of the matter is that it can also cause you unnecessary anxiety, unplanned expense and frustration. Thailand is filled with all kinds of world-class resorts and accommodation and you can lock them up before you even step foot on the islands with just a little bit of effort ahead of time.

If you are dead set on trying to wing it or are planning on staying for an extended amount of time and want to be able to have the flexibility to choose your home base of operations in any one of Thailand’s incredible cities and neighborhoods, then I would suggest setting up short term accommodation for about a week or so while you are out trying to find the ideal spot to plant your roots. You can rent a motorbike for the week for about $50 or less, depending on who you talk to, which will give you the mobility to check out all of the different cities, find the right accommodation and secure it and then move all of your stuff with ease. This is the real way to see Thailand, and something that will make for an incredible adventure you’ll never forget.

John Shoane lives with his family and is a Florist in Bangkok who teaches and designs flowers for Gogo Florist. His main passion in life is researching and breeding orchids which involves extensive travel through South East Asia. Follow John Shoane on Google+.