Charging your laptop at the airport

Here’s an excellent tip from magazine Girlawhirl, which suggests when traveling on the road to bring an adapter that can turn one outlet into four. It’s a common problem to see people huddled around the scant few outlets available but if you come prepared and ask politely, problem solved. I have a couple small two prong adaptors in my office which I take with me for this very purpose.

Recently after a horrible flight delay she was so low on laptop battery power that she just had to get plugged in. There were a few outlets in the terminal, all in use and with grown men in business suits sitting on the ground nearby. (Another thing that Girlawhirl always wonders about: why are there no plugs near the chairs?) She had to ask someone if they’d let her charge for an hour or so.

The man she approached was a lifesaver. Instead of just pulling his plug, he pulled a new plug out of his bag. He was traveling with an adapter that changed the single outlet into one that could accommodate four more devices.