How To Store Your Photos While Traveling


Last time I was on a trip I took five hundred and forty two photos over the course of two weeks. Some of the people writing this just looked at that number in total shock. The shutterbugs reading this just scoffed at how many shots I must have passed up to have such a low number. Avid travel photographers – or just travelers who like to snap some photos – know how fast these images can add up. Which might not seem like a big deal, but for the sake of organization, it can be a bit of a problem.

This is an issue myself and many people I know face every time they travel. Most of us will go to multiple places, one after another, and take a lot of pictures along the way. Trips can last a couple of weeks, a couple of months, or for some of my hardcore travel buddies, a couple of years. One of my friends just got back from a three year long trip around Southeast Asia. One of his biggest issues, he said, was keeping track of all of the photos he took along the way. Especially since he is a professional photographer, and had clients who would ultimately be buying those shots.

But don’t fret! Whether you are a going away for a couple of days in another town, or you are traveling across the globe for an extended journey, you can store your photos easily.

Backing Up Photos Online

Dropbox Backing Up Photos Online

This should be something everyone is doing. It just makes sense, not only for storage but for sharing. Cloud services are all over the place, as are basic photo upload sites. Flickr is always a popular one, as is the Amazon cloud drive. Anything you prefer would work, as long as it provides you with enough storage space to fit your needs, or the ability to expand it.

Some people swear by storage desktop services like Box and Dropbox, and I like them both for many things. But I tend not to use them as much for travel, or recommend them. Only because not everyone has access to a computer all the time, whereas many digital cameras or mobile devices now have internet access that lets you upload photos online without a dedicated PC or laptop.

SD Cards

Something my friend mentioned above did was use SD cards, and I mean a lot of them. What he would do was dedicate one card to each location, then load photos on that card every time he went back. So he would have photos from various dates on the same card, but still easily sorted thanks to it being from a single region.

This might not be something that is needed for everything, a nd ultimately you will want to find your own system. But at the very least, SD cards offer a space efficient and simple way to back large amounts of photos and video files in one place.

Hard Drive Storage

Hard Drive Storage

This is, to me, both a good and bad way to store photos. On one hand, you have a lot of space and the ability to move things over from your computer to another source at the drop of a hat. Plus, many people take their laptops with them when traveling. On the other, if your hard drive crashes you could lose everything.

I would say you can use a hard drive storage option, but you should have a secondary means of backing everything up. A hard drive plus cloud storage should do it.


You don’t have to limit yourself in how many photos you take just because you are worried about storing them. Digital photos have made it easy to take all the pictures you want, then store them safely for long periods of time. All it takes is a little planning, which should be simple enough; you will be carefully planning every other facet of your trip, after all.

Have some tips on how to store photos while traveling? Let us know in the comments.

Michelle Fach is the travel geek writing for Dobovo, the free travel tool that helps you find accommodation across Eastern Europe (including Kiev, Odessa and Lviv). You can follow us on Twitter as @Dobovo