Latest In-Flight Entertainment Options

Almost every second of a long flight can be a hassle – all the way from purchasing your ticket to grabbing your luggage. Fortunately, those few hours that you’re in the air can be relatively stress-free, especially with so much innovation being injected into in-flight entertainment.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back, relax, and watch a movie? Wouldn’t it be great to plug in your mobile device and surf the web? Below, we’ll talk more about the latest in-flight entertainment options available today.

Virgin America

They are world renowned for offering the best in-flight entertainment around. It shouldn’t come to anyone as a surprise why they share ownership with a company that specializes in entertainment. Each of their aircrafts come installed with touch-screen systems, satellite television, and even a large collection of movies. And if that isn’t enough, the airline goes far out of their way to ensure that you’re offered enough food or drink to make your trip satisfying.


For the traveler looking for top-of-the-line entertainment, look no further than JetBlue. It was only a couple of years ago when they installed satellite radio, dedicated seat screens, and DIRECTV onto their aircrafts. Today, passengers can purchase over 30 channels of television and 100 channels of radio for $5.99. JetBlue’s more recent plan to date is to put Wi-Fi on all of their airplanes so that passengers can further enjoy domestic and international flights.

Singapore Airlines

Their award-winning entertainment is one worth mentioning, especially when they cater to so many people and nationalities. Singapore Airlines offers their passengers radio channels, television programs, movies, games, and a USB port that provides them with the ability to upload media and photos. Certain aircrafts even come installed with close to 100 movies and several hundred CDs, most of which are offered in a dozen languages.

Air Canada

Since 2004, Air Canada has been offering some of the best in-flight entertainment in North America. For music lovers, you’ll be able to enjoy over 100 CDs of audio music as well as satellite radio. Domestic flights provide passengers with more than 30 movie choices while international flights provide them with close to 80. There are close to 100 hours of television shows to watch, including CBC and HBO. From gate to gate, Air Canada offers amenities that can’t be overlooked.

In today’s day and age, in-flight entertainment is becoming more and more prominent. From movies to games and even free Wi-Fi, these amenities are making longer flights much more comfortable and enjoyable for frequent travelers.

What about tomorrow?  In the near future, on-board iPad rentals may be the latest feature.  With custom apps relating to the carrier and carefully selected games and movies.  As services like Wi-Fi matures, they will become free for use, but to download a show or a movie, it will cost you a fee per download.  Even tools that help you enjoy your entertainment will get an upgrade as well – like tray-tables with notices for tablets, usb ports for charging and media uploads.  So leave some room in your carryon for entertainment devices!

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