Brown Paper Bag

Brown Paper Bag
Designer Giles Miller inventive Brown Paper Bag, made from corrugated cardboard, is an elegant and eco-friendly showcase. I love the contrasts between the materials.

These bags are hand assembled from part recycled and partly sustainably sourced cardboard. The card has been cut at steep angles to leave a surface of elegant swirls on the surface of the piece. The bags open by simply releasing one fastener on either side at the top of the case, and these trustworthy fasteners will guarantee the safety of the contents when the bag is clicked shut.
The contrasting material selection leaves the card elevated to a platform of exclusivity by the thick leather strap and chrome buckle fasteners. These bags have been coated with a fine layer of water resistant spray to protect against the elements, and this bag is certainly one to be taken out and showcased.

Assembled by hand in the UK, this product uses minimal energy costs in production.
Brown Paper Bag, Giles Miller of Farm UK.