Skiff Reader

Skiff Reader
The adoption of devices such as this will likely come far too late to save traditional print publishers but that’s not stopping Hearst from investing in its’ development. The real winners will be the readers who use devices such as this, that is if there is anything other than blogs left to read.
The skiff reader pushes the envelope of portability while hiting the sweet spot for readability with it’s 1600 x 1200 11.5-inch touchscreen. That should make reading newspapers on to go convenient again and other content far easier on the eyes. Reading for over 15 minutes on an iPhone sized screen gives me a headache and the Kindle doesn’t offer newspapers overseas. The skiff reader has 4 gb of storage, wifi and 3g capability, and can also be used to listen to music or audiobooks.
E-readers are great devices for travellers.
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Via Designboom.